Picket pay & schedule / alternative duties

You are expected to take on FIVE 4 hour shifts per week (20 hours) in order to receive a 200 $ weekly honorarium (strike pay). You are welcome to take on more shifts on a voluntary basis! You can also take on less shifts if you are unavailable: in that case, each 4 hours shift is compensated with 40 $.

The strike date has been set for Thursday Nov. 6th, and the Special Consultative (Final Offer) GMM where we will collectively discuss the proposals offered by the employer, has been set for Wednesday Nov. 5th. However, we are in a legal lockout position on Sunday Nov. 2nd -- we have to be ready to walk by this date. Thus our sign-up shifts begin for Monday Nov. 3rd: just in case of a lock-out.

You can do your shifts back to back (2 or 3 a day) if you have impediments to coming up to campus every day.

If you cannot stand on a picket line for family, medical or legal reasons (etc.), there is a list of alternative duties you can take on, from the union headquarters (near the picket lines) or from home.